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Personalised Dummy Clip | Muncher Henry The Panda


Are you looking to purchase a pacifier clip? And what is Muncher?

Did you know that most babies sitting or crawling still drag their dummies on the floor? Not anymore, with these Munchers you can attach safely any pacifier, sippy cup or blanket and keep it off the floor.

How to attach Muncher to a dummy?

Take the silk cord and insert it into the loop of the pacifier, now insert the metal clip through the loop created and you are done.

♡ All our clips are tested and approved 

Our dummy clip ranges tested to the following standards:

BS EN 71-3:2019

BS EN 12586 2007 + A1 2011 Child use and care articles – Soother holder,

BS EN ISO 105-E01 2013,

BS EN ISO 14184-1 2011,

BS EN 14372 2004,

BS EN 14362-1 & -2,

EN 71-11, EN 71-9. 

♡ Say goodbye to dropped dummies: Our dummy clips are easy to use and can be safely attached to your babies dummy, sippy cup or blanket, to keep it clean when you are out and about with no way to clean it.

♡ Boosts your little one's sensory development: The dummy clips are easy to use for little hands and will support your babies hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and colour recognition.

♡ Need More Reasons?

✔️ 100% Food Grade Silicone – BPA-Free, Zero Phthalates, Cadmium, PVC, Lead

✔️ Durable Handmade Dummy Clip - Raw Beech Wood, Stainless Steel Clip with holes.

✔️ Safe Dummy Clip and Comes in Different Shapes, Textures – Beads Safely Secured With Strong Knots

♡ Pacifier Clip Safety and Care  ♡ 

Our Muncher is handmade with love and in a very special manner, the knots are made in a specific way to safely secure the beads in their place.

Wash in warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly. Wash as often as required, however, do not leave in water for extended periods of time to avoid clip from rusting. 

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      Personalised Dummy Clip | Muncher Henry The Panda