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Why Organic Bamboo is Our 1st Choice

Bamboo is one of the world’s most prolific and fastest-growing plants and is able to reach maturity in about four years, compared to the typical 25 to 70 years for commercial tree species. As a result, bamboo is one of nature’s most sustainable resources since it is naturally regenerative.

Why is Bamboo so popular?

Bamboo is an all-natural material with antibacterial properties. One of the reasons why we love Bamboo is because it is biodegradable. Therefore Bamboo is definitely the more earth-friendly option which enables you to buy and use the product without feeling guilty.

An interesting fact on plastic: If you purchase plastic items that are not BPA free it can be toxic to the user. Especially when the product is heated! There are many articles about plastic that you can go read on if you are interested.

When comparing the Bamboo bowl with other wooden products, it is more hygienic due to the fact, that the bamboo does not absorb liquids easily. When using your bamboo product the chance of it changing colour/ odour is very little.

In conclusion, natural is the way to go – Bamboo has natural renewing properties which classifies the production of these products as environmentally friendly. Products created from bamboo sheaths can be reused several times and be cleaned properly.

How to clean?

The best way to clean your Bamboo bowl is with hot soapy water. Like any other natural product, do not expose your bamboo dishware for an extended period of time to elements such as water and air.  By leaving your products wet or soaked for prolonged periods you encourage the growth of mildew. It is also advisable to rinse the bowl or wipe out the food immediately after a meal.

Washing your Bamboo bowl in a dishwasher or soaking it in water is not recommended because of the high heat of the dishwasher and the long exposure to water can cause the bamboo to swell and crack.

How to take extra care of your Bamboo Product:

Bamboo is a natural product and doesn’t contain harmful products such as pesticides. Therefore it can become dry over a period of time. When your bamboo bowl starts to look or feel dry, re-hydrate them with natural oils like Olive or Coconut Oil. It is an easy step. just add a small amount of oil and a scratch-free cloth. And re-hydrate with a light coat of oil on the entire bowl. Allow the oil to soak in for a few hours and then you can wipe it off with a clean cloth.

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