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Cheeky Strawberry Cheesecake Bowl

Start the day right, with this delicious cheeky strawberry cheesecake bowl. This is perfect for your little one. 


*This will make one bowl *

✔️ 50g cream cheese

✔️ 50g Greek yoghurt

✔️ 30g chopped strawberries

✔️ 2tsp maple syrup

✔️ Homemade granola ( or shop bought ) 


✔️ Blend all ingredients together it will create a creamy mixture. Leave in fridge over night.

✔️ To make the homemade granola just finely chopped nuts, oats, pumpkin seeds, raisins and maple syrup. Then toast  in the oven until crunchy and brown.

✔️ Time to dish up and do not forget to add chopped strawberries for taste.

🤍 A special shout out to @whatbillieeats_blw, for creating this fun breakfast idea. Make sure you follow us on social media and tag us with your images.

We hope you enjoy this recipe! 

Love team Tobbie and Co