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“Sleep when the baby sleeps…” and other ridiculous pieces of advice to ignore.

Whether you’re a first-timer or onto your second or third baby, there’s nothing quite like unsolicited parenting advice. Whilst it might really annoy you, we suggest the following:

Step 1: Nod
Step 2: Smile
Step 3: Wave
Step 4: Do you!

When someone comes at you with a piece of advice that doesn’t sit well with you, you’re not obligated to take it, use it and report back. What you are obligated to do is find your own groove and make your parenting work for you. We reached out to a few moms in our Tobbie Tribe to find out which tips were best ignored. Here’s what they shared with us…

“Sleep when the baby sleeps”
Sure. Should we iron when the baby irons and shower whilst the baby showers too? Unfortunately, lack of sleep is part of the job description and if it’s your first baby, it’s a pretty nasty shock to the system. That being said, encouraging moms to sleep when their
babes do is possibly setting them up for anxiety, failure or both. Most mamas have a lot on their plate as it is. Add a newborn and it’s a full-on buffet. So, sleep when you can and if you can’t, please know, this too shall pass.

“Don’t hold him/her too much, you’ll spoil them!”
This often tends to come from the older members of the family but we’ll have you know it couldn’t be further from the truth. Newborns aren’t capable of forming habits until later on so what’s the harm in soaking up those delicious cuddles? Plus, they’re only little once so enjoy it while it lasts. Soon, there’ll come a time when they’re too big or busy to want the extra hugs. (We’re not crying, you’re crying).

“But breastfeeding is better for the baby…”
FED. IS. BEST. Who cares whether or not your baby gets breastmilk or formula? Whether you couldn’t breastfeed or simply chose not to, you’re still a superhero regardless and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise. As long as your little one is thriving and growing!

We’re always here for you!
As part of our Tobbie Tribe, we respect the journey that you’re on. It’s why we offer all the support we can so that you can enjoy the ride as much as possible!

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