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Four things we wish we could go back and tell our pregnant selves

Pregnancy. The longest shortest time of your life. If you’ve ever been through it, you’ll know exactly what we mean. And if you’re going through it right now, here’s what we wish we could go back and tell ourselves…

1) You’ll miss the belly 

You’re so caught up in willing this baby to arrive that you never consider how much you’ll miss that belly and the little kicks once your bundle arrives. So, savour every moment. It sounds so cliché but it couldn’t be more true. Plus, they’re far easier to take care of when they’re still in there. #justsaying


2) Your old nipples will return, we promise

Everyone talks about the stomach expanding but why did no one tell us about the nipples? This will be a shock to you (and your partner) but we promise that they’ll settle down once you’ve given birth and completed your breastfeeding journey (if you choose to). They might be slightly tougher for the overall experience but consider them your very own warrior princesses. 


3) Speaking to fellow mamas really does help

Find your tribe of mamas and love them hard. These are the women who will be up with you at all hours whilst you discuss pregnancy symptoms and later on, the colour of your baby’s poop. They are angels and we all need some in our corner. Partners are great but until they’re carrying a new life inside of them, they don’t 100% know what you’re going through. Save yourself the frustration and create a mamas Whatsapp group.


4) Don’t believe everything you see on social media

No one is as glam pregnant as they’d have you believe they are on their social media platforms. There, we said it. There’s water retention, sweating, all kinds of swelling and even gas that escapes from time to time. That lady who makes you think she’s some kind of pregnancy supermodel? Great lighting and even greater angles. Comparison is the thief of joy. It’s also an incredible waste of time. Do you and love your journey. That’s all that matters. 


Don’t forget, if you need us, we’re here.


Team Tobbie