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♥️ Reminder: you don’t need to explain your parenting choices to anyone ♥️

Sometimes, we could all use a reminder that we dont owe anyone an explanation for our parenting choices. Whilst it’s annoying to think that some people feel they have the right to question or even correct us (the audacity), we want you to remember a few things before you start to justify yourself to them… 

 1. It’s your journey 

No two pregnancies are ever the same. This also applies to moms, babies and overall experiences. It’s why we really dont agree with mom-shaming or unsolicited advice on any level. It’s also vital to remember that we need to enjoy this journey. It’s fleeting and before we know it, it’ll be a distant memory. Why waste it allowing others to question your parenting decisions? Dont sweat the small stuff, mama. It’s not worth it in the end. 

 2. Your baby. Your body. Your business. 

 There. We said it. If there’s a modern solution for a challenge you’re facing, why not embrace it? It’ll only make you a better mama at the end of the day. So, breastfeed, or dont. Start solids with vegetables or porridge. Buy the white noise machine, make a silicone pocket bib the ultimate accessory and clip a damn dummy to your little one at all times. Because guess what… they’re your baby. Dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise. 


3. Times have changed

We’re looking at the old folks here, who often take great joy in telling us how they did things back in the day. Well, Dorris, times have certainly changed. There’s a wealth of knowledge out there right now and quite frankly, we’re grateful for it. So, excuse us if we’d rather not put rice cereal in our baby’s bottle. 


We’re always in your corner. Whether it’s awesome products that make this parenting gig a little easier or just someone to stand in solidarity with you, we’re here. In case you needed a reminder today, you’re doing a great job! 


Team Tobbie and Co